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ClickTick Docs® makes Letters of Engagement and client signup simple and fast for accountants and bookkeepers.


Client Engagement takes time and this time spent is usually non chargeable, although the theory is the time spent is invested in gaining that new client. In reality this is rarely the case.

In reality, it is time that could be better spent. ClickTick walks you through the various steps and tailors a Letter of Engagement to your practice and individual client requirements. No two clients are ever the same and there is nothing standard about clients.

Yes – You will need to be an accountant or bookkeeper who is in Practice to use this software. The Letters of Engagement are geared towards the Accountancy Profession.

Put simply, it saves hours of practice admin time. Engagement Letters can be generated using the guidance of ClickTick Docs by simply Clicking and Ticking various options and directed to specific data entry such as dates and practice details.

Client main data is only entered once and this is the basis for all templates types.

All clients appear in the Practice Client Hub and all historic documents are viewable and searchable.

Currently ClickTick Docs is tailored for Accountants and Bookkeepers practising in accordance to the applicable law and courts of England and Wales, and Scotland. 

Annual licenses are based on the number of clients that the practice requires. 

In essence the license is tied to the Accountancy or Bookkeeping Practice, but ClickTick Docs does has the feature to name other members of the practice as contacts to clients etc.


Currently we do not offer a free trial – once a subscription is purchased you will have full access to the application for 12 months, including updates, fixes, new features and templates for FREE.

At the moment the subscriptions are purchased on an annual basis in advance only.

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